Hood & Filter

Eliminates all labor associated with cleaning filter panels, while keeping the inside of your kitchen exhaust system clean to the bare metal.

The foodservice industry’s only in-house hood service.

Offered only to Chick-fil-A operators.

Chick-fil-A flat rate pricing


$200 per month




How It Works

The simplistic, complete, in-house approach to cleaning and maintaining your kitchen exhaust system with Hood & Filter in 30 seconds a day, while eliminating all of the labor and time associated with filter cleaning.

Simply Spray

Spray Hood & Filter once a night onto filters while they are in place. Make sure hood is on while applying. Takes less than 30 seconds per hood. And that is all.

Rinse Filters Once a Week

Simply rinse filters with hot water once a week. What little grease is left falls right off to the bare metal. No overnight soaking, no labor, no time and no mess.

Entire Hood Is Cleaned

This process eliminates the grease throughout the system to the bare metal every day. Keeps your vent hood system clean every day. Not just once a quarter.

Hood & Filter Explained

From start to finish, how to use Hood & Filter and what all it does.

Rinse the filters once a week, the grease easily comes off.

No overnight soaking or scrubbing needed.

Clean your entire system for the cost of cleaning your filters.

The average monthly costs of chemicals used for cleaning filters is normally more than what it cost for Hood & Filter to clean your entire hood.

Hood & Filter becomes the cleaner for your filters. Spray the filters once a night while they are in place. Takes less than 60 seconds. At the end of the week, you just rinse them and the grease falls right off. Your time and labor drops to zero. No more overnight soaking or scrubbing.

Immediately, everything you used to do to clean filters changes. Spray once a night, rinse once a week.

As a bonus, while you are spraying your filters… Hood & Filter will clean your entire hood as well.

Easiest Way to Clean Filters.
Spray Once a Day. Rinse Once a Week.

No more overnight soaking of filters. No more scrubbing, no more time and mess.
The filters are cleaned in place, you only rinse them once a week.

Why allow grease to build up in your system every day?

Clean daily or quarterly
which is better?


When comparing Hood & Filter to pressure washer cleaning, the difference in safety and system performance is almost immeasurable. With Hood & Filter, grease is eliminated system-wide every day.

Not just once a quarter.

Coupled with the fact that you are cleaning your filters at the same time, makes the choice of how you clean your hood rather easy.

Everything about cleaning hoods is reinvented

Spray your filters once a night, and everything changes.

Spray the filters once a night and it changes everything. Rinse the filters once a week, grease falls right off. Inside the system its clean to the bare metal. Even if your people forget to apply it once or twice a week, it still works just the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if we forget to apply it?

The product is very forgiving. You can miss an application or two a week and the product still produces the same results.

Is it safe? Is it caustic?

Hood & Filter is food safe, non-caustic, non-hazardous, non-corrosive, has a neutral pH and is fully biodegradable. Its safe for all metal types.

How do it I get more product?

Automatic scheduled shipments at no additional charge. If the scheduled shipment isn’t quick enough, let us know and we’ll increase the speed.

Do I pay more if I use more product?

No. The $200 quarterly charge includes all needed shipments of product. It is a flat-rate quarterly bill. It is not based upon your usage.

Doesn’t the hood still need inspecting?

Absolutely. Hood & Filter comes two ways; with no inspection (customer hires local hood company for the inspection) or with inspection (cost is $85). Most customers prefer to arrange their own inspection.

Is there any kind of guarantee?

Yes, we have a No Risk Guarantee. If after one quarter of service your hood still needs professional cleaning to pass inspection, your second quarter of service is free of charge.

Hood & Filter
Risk Free Guarantee

If after one quarter of Hood & Filter service your vent hood system doesn’t pass inspection and you have to get the hood cleaned in the traditional fashion,
the second quarter of service is free of charge.

We will take that additional time to evaluate what may need to be done better or different so that the system always passes inspection. But again, free of charge.

A vent hood system on Hood & Filter not passing inspection is a rare occurence.






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