Hood and Filter PRO
with MAC

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions for Hood & Filter Pro with MAC.

Pressure Washer Cleaning

Cleans only once every 3 months

Traditional hood cleaning means the system is only clean four times a year.

Cleaning filters is additional

To keep filters clean on a regular basis is an added service, such as soak tanks or filter exchange.

Grease builds up everyday

Grease builds up inside system every day. Increases fire hazard. Reduces system’s performance.

Fire Safety

#1 reason for hood cleaning is fire safety. But the system is only cleaned once a quarter.


Hood & Filter

Bare metal clean everyday

Hood & Filter keeps the entire system bare metal clean every single day.

Cleans filters everyday

It’s recommended that filters should be cleaned at least once a week. Now they are clean every day.

Grease is eliminated everyday

Grease never builds up in the system when using Hood & Filter. Never.

#1 in Fire Safety

System is bare metal clean 365 days a year.  From a fire safety standpoint, its untouchable.

The Simplicity of Hood & Filter

Simply Spray

Spray Hood & Filter once a night onto filters while they are in place and hood is on. Takes less than 30 seconds per hood. And that is all.

Entire Hood Is Cleaned

By spraying onto filters, it eliminates the grease to the bare metal every day. From the filters up and through the system to the exhaust fans.

Rinse Filters Once a Week

Simply rinse filters with hot water once a week. What little grease is left, it falls right off to the bare metal. No overnight soaking, no labor, no time and no mess.

Simple. Advanced. Game Changing.

Bare Metal Clean Everyday

Traditional pressure washer cleaning is unable to keep a vent hood system clean every day. A cleaning crew cannot come out once a night to clean your system. Hood & Filter cleans the system to the bare metal every single day. A six panel vent hood system takes less than 30 seconds a night.

Most Fire Safe Method of Cleaning

There are many reasons you have your kitchen exhaust system cleaned regularly, but the #1 reason is fire safety. What makes a system fire safe? A system that is bare metal clean every day of the year. Not just once a quarter. Hood & Filter keeps any vent hood system clean 365 days a year.

Complete Labor Free Filter Cleaning

Simply pull your filters down once a week and rinse them off with hot water. The grease falls off to the bare metal. Everywhere there is grease on your panel, it eliminates it. No more overnight soaking and no scrubbing. No soak tanks or filter exchange needed.

Simple. Thorough. Extremely Effective.

The ability to clean your entire vent hood system, from the filter panels to the roof, changes everything. Bare metal clean, 365 days a year, with absolutely no labor. All in the palm of your hand. Takes less than 30 seconds a night to clean an entire vent hood.

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