Fruit Fly and Gnat Control

The first true answer for fruit fly and gnat control. Smell No Food.
Odor molecules are cloaked so that pests can no longer
smell any food or drink inside your facility.

Completely shuts down fruit flies and gnats in restaurants, bars, coffee shops, ice cream shops, bakeries… any type of food or drink related business that has issues with fruit flies and gnats.

If they can’t smell the food, bread, beer, wine, soft drinks, or any other type of food or drink… the pests leave the premises. To them, there is no food.

Fruit flies and gnats will be gone within 7 days of use.
And will stay gone for as long as you use it.

Flies & Gnats



The first true answer for fruit flies and gnats.

One ounce added to a mop bucket of your cleaning solution each day will solve whatever fruit fly/gnat issue you have. Within 5 to 7 days, the fruit flies and gnats will be gone and they will stay gone. Guaranteed.

Fruit Flies & Gnats is a nano additive that will make fruit flies and gnats unable to smell any type of food or drink. If they smell no food in your facility, they leave. To them, there is no food present.

One bottle gives you 128 applications. It goes a very long way.
Most will get at least 3 months of usage from one bottle.


Flies & Gnats – Smell No Food is non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-corrosive, neutral pH, food safe and fully biodegradable.
Safe for any cleaning solution. Will not affect cleaner’s abilities and it does not cause an adverse reactions, no matter the formulation.
It is recommended for use with all floor cleaner, general and all-purpose cleaner types.
We do not recommend it to be added to sanitizers, since their sole purpose is sanitizing surfaces.
 Flies & Gnats РSmell No Food comes in a 1 gallon bottle with a pump for dispensing.

Complete Elimination of Fruit Flies…
is that Possible?

The #1 pest problem in restaurants is fruit flies and gnats. It has been this way for as long as anyone can remember.

SMELL NO FOOD will eliminate it in five to seven days.


Every pest control company says the #1 complaint from restaurant customers is fruit flies and gnats. Why? They can kill them, but they always come right back.

The MAC approach is entirely different and extremely effective. MAC makes it so that fruit flies and gnats cannot detect or smell any food or drink substances. They believe that there is no food present for them, so they leave.

The results MAC produces shocks customers.


Intelligent Odor Control

The nanotech hides all foul odors, so that your customers can’t smell them.
Similar to how Cloaking hides the smell of food and drink from pests.
If the source is organic, it eliminates the source while hiding the smell.

All the good food and drinks smells come through untouched.

The results are rather shocking.

Benefits and Services

Add one to two ounces (one or two pumps) to a mop bucket, or one ounce to a spray bottle of water to use as a great all-purpose cleaner or degreaser.
Clean as you always do. It’s that simple.

Fruit Flies & Gnats

Complete Elimination
of Fruit Flies & Gnats

Grease Reduction

Dramatically Reduces
Grease In All Areas

Slippery Floors

Dramatic Reduction
in Slickness of Floors

Foul Odors

Drastic Reduction
of All Types of Odors

Trap Maintenance

Greatly Minimizes
Grease Buildup

Urine Odor

Eliminates Urine Odor
3 Minutes After It Hits the Floor

Drain Maintenance

Eliminates Grease
and Foul Odors from Drains

Mop Cleaning

Mops Never Go Bad
Never Smell or Look Dingy

Where it is Designed to be Used

How technology can make such a big difference,
in so many different places.

Restaurant KitchenS

Grease Reduction, Drains, Odors
Fruit Flies & Gnats

Bars / Beer Taps

Eliminates Fruit Flies & Gnats
Drains & Foul Odors

Soft Drink Machines

Drains, Stickiness Issues
Eliminates Fruit Flies & Gnats

Coffee & Espresso

Drains & Foul Odors
Eliminates Fruit Flies & Gnats


Drains & Foul Odors
Eliminates Fruit Flies & Gnats

Milk Shakes

Drains & Foul Odors
Eliminates Fruit Flies & Gnats

Gelato & Ice Cream

Drains & Foul Odors
Eliminates Fruit Flies & Gnats

Juice & Smoothies

Drains & Foul Odors
Eliminates Fruit Flies & Gnats

How simple it is to use

Add one ounce (one pump) to a mop bucket or spray bottle of a cleaning solution (floor cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, etc). Clean as you always do.

No more fruit flies or gnats. It’s that simple.