Paradox Pro combines the tech, the applications and benefits of both Paradox and Hood & Filter.

Hood & Filter Pro
with MAC free

Because of the effects of COVID-19, our restaurant customers are having to adapt to a considerable drop in revenue. We are dropping the price of Paradox Pro to help.

Hood & Filter Pro is 10 times more concentrated than our Hood & Filter product.

Hood & Filter Pro with MAC is a unique combination of the two, and performs and is applied in the exact same manner as both products instruct. Because of its tech, design and concentration, the customer takes advantage of its economies of scale, making the product unmatched in what it does for a customer’s bottom line.

We will keep this offer going for as long as our customers are dealing with the effects of COVID-19.

Flat rate pricing –
Call for coupon code if you don’t have one


$200 per case

The Evolution of Cleaning

The Paradox Application

80% of current cleaners are replaced at a flat rate


The Paradox application replaces 80% of the chemicals used in a restaurant (floor cleaner, hard surface cleaner, restroom cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, equipment cleaner, stainless steel cleaner and polish).

Using a QSR model, this equivalates an average savings of $250 per month. We have seen savings in QSR facilities above $400 per month, each gained simply by Paradox replacing those cleaners, and outperforming them as well.

The Economies of Scale 

The Hood & Filter Application

Hood cleanings eliminated or considerably delayed

The majority of QSR customers using Hood & Filter do not require hood cleanings, only quarterly inspections.

Most QSR customers pay on average between $350 to $500 per quarter for a hood cleaning. With Hood & Filter, the hood cleaning need is eliminated and the $350 to $500 cost saved. Over 90% of QSR customers fall into this category.

 Some QSR customers may only delay conventional hood cleanings (normally once every six months instead of once every three), which would save them half as much, which is $150 to $200 per quarter on Hood & Filter.

How It Works

The simplistic, complete, in-house approach to cleaning and maintaining your kitchen exhaust system with Hood & Filter in 30 seconds a day, while eliminating all of the labor and time associated with filter cleaning.

Simply Spray

Spray Hood & Filter once a night onto filters while they are in place. Make sure hood is on while applying. Takes less than 30 seconds per hood. And that is all.

Rinse Filters Once a Week

Simply rinse filters with hot water once a week. What little grease is left falls right off to the bare metal. No overnight soaking, no labor, no time and no mess.

Entire Hood Is Cleaned

This process eliminates the grease throughout the system to the bare metal every day. Keeps your vent hood system clean every day. Not just once a quarter.

Hood & Filter Explained

From start to finish, how to use Hood & Filter and what all it does.

Rinse the filters once a week, the grease easily comes off.

No overnight soaking or scrubbing needed.


Fruit Fly and Gnat Control

An unprecedented approach to fruit fly and gnat control, Cloaking.
Pests cannot smell any food or drink inside the facility.

If they can’t smell food, bread, soft drinks, milk shakes, lemonade or any other type of food or drink… they leave.


of slick floors

Beyond what your floor cleaner will do for you, Paradox will eliminate the grease that normally remains and the slickness that comes with it.

Most Effective Drain Cleaning Method Ever

Bare Pipe Clean

By far the most effective and simplistic way
of keeping drain lines clean to the bare pipe.

No measuring. No dispensing. No hiccups.


Intelligent Odor Control

The nanotech hides all foul odors, so that your customers can’t smell them.
Similar to how Cloaking hides the smell of food and drink from pests.
If the source is organic, it eliminates the source while hiding the smell.

All the good food and drinks smells come through untouched.

The results are rather shocking.


Urine Odor Control

When urine hits the floor, it smells like water in less than 3 minutes.
Never before possible.

Cleaned and Maintained in the Simplest of Ways

Cleaned and
Maintained without

Cleans and maintains grease traps,
just from Paradox’s mop water flowing down drains.


Single Mop
Last Six Months

Mops never go bad. Mops look and smell new for six months.
They will never smell or look dingy again. Ever.






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