It Reinvented Cleaning Filters
… and Cleaning Hoods

Hood & Filter is the ‘no overnight soaking’ filter cleaner.
Apply directly to the filters once a night. Rinse once a week.

For the price you pay for your filter cleaning chemical or soak tank, Hood & Filter will clean your filters, and your entire hood.

It makes cleaning filters simple and easy. No overnight soaking. No scrubbing, rubbing or wiping. Reduces labor time by over 90%.


This is where
it begins

Filters cleaned in place

Rinsed once a week

system Bare metal clean  every single day

How It Works

The simplistic, thorough approach to cleaning and maintaining your filter panels and your entire kitchen exhaust system with Hood & Filter.

Spray filters once a night

Spray filters while they are in place. Hood should be on while applying. Takes less than 30 seconds to apply.

Rinse Filters Once a Week

What little grease is left falls right off to the bare metal. No overnight soaking, no labor, no time and no mess.

Entire Hood Is Cleaned

Eliminates the grease to the bare metal every day, from the filters up through the system to the exhaust fan.

However you clean your filters now, Hood & Filter cost less

Hood & Filter  cleans your filters for less than you pay now

Your labor cost will drop by 90% as well.

While It Cleans the Filters, It Cleans the Entire Hood As Well

6 month case study

High grease volume, 27 vent hoods, 12 kitchen exhaust fans, 128 filter panels.

Benihana was a perfect customer to run a case study on, to demonstrate the benefits of Hood & Filter. This Benihana has 27 vent hoods, 12 kitchen exhaust fans and 128 filter panels. For a single restaurant, this is a complex system.

Their normal operating procedures for filter panels were to clean all 128 filters every night. Five nights a week of light cleaning, two nights of heavy duty cleaning. Hood & Filter reduced their man hours on cleaning filters from 36 hours per week to 12 hours; and with a much cleaner result than before.


At the 3 month mark we had the entire system inspected and certified. The system was clean to the bare metal from the filter panels all the way to the exhaust fans. The entire system was photographed during the inspection, and you can see these photos in the case study.

Hood & Filter simplified everything about how Benihana cleans and maintains their vent hood system. A tremendous amount of labor and money was saved, and their system now stays bare metal clean every day.

Labor Hours Saved per Week

Labor Hours Saved per Year


Particle Reduction

Particle Reduction is a process that enables our products to deconstruct organic compounds such as grease, down to the hydrogen, oxygen and carbon atoms that make the grease what it is. After the process, all that is left is the hydrogen, oxygen and carbon atoms that once made up the grease. These atoms easily return to the environment where they are abundant in number.

The grease, no longer exists.

Particle Reduction is the only process of its kind in the world.

Food Safe . Non-Toxic . Non-Hazardous . Non-Corrosive . Neutral pH . Biodegradable

Fire Safety is the Primary Reason For Hood Cleaning

#1 Fire Safe

Method FOR
Hood Cleaning

Bare metal clean 365 days a year. Untouchable as far as fire safety is concerned.

Why allow grease to build up in your system?

Cleaning Quarterly, Not Very Fire Safe


When comparing Hood & Filter to pressure washer cleaning, the difference in safety and system performance is almost immeasurable. With Hood & Filter, grease is eliminated system-wide every day.

Not just once a quarter.

Coupled with the fact that you are cleaning your filters at the same time, makes the choice of how you clean your hood rather easy.

How easy Hood & Filter makes it to clean your filters.
Simply rinse and the grease falls right off.

No overnight soaking.
And as you can see, no scrubbing, no time, no mess.


Air Quality &
Temperature Control

A kitchen exhaust system that is clean everyday runs at 100% efficiency, removing grease, smoke, heat and humidity from the air.

Greatly lessens the amount of grease taken in by return vents in the heating/air conditioning system.

Hood & Filter vs Pressure Washing

Which Method Cleans Hoods the Best?


Entire System Cleaned

365 days a year

Filter Panel Cleaning

No labor, soak tanks or filter exchange needed

Grease Buildup

Zero grease buildup

Hood System Performance

System runs at maximum performance daily
due to no grease buildup

Air Quality / Temperature Control

Excellent air quality and temperature control daily

Time and Trouble

All in-house
No cleaning crews
No midnight cleanings
Cleans filter panels, no labor

Additional Services Needed

No additional services needed
No soak tanks needed
No filter exchange service needed

Fire Safety

Most Fire Safe Method of Cleaning
Grease is the #1 fuel for fires in restaurants
Hood & Filter maintains zero grease buildup
inside the filters and the entire exhaust system


Entire System Cleaned

Only 4 times a year

Filter Panel Cleaning

Not included
Charged as additional service

Grease Buildup

Continual grease buildup

Hood System Performance

System performance degrades daily
due to constant grease buildup

Air Quality / Temperature Control

Air quality and temperature control degrade daily

Time and Trouble

Company accesses restaurant at night
Cleaning crews
Always midnight cleanings
Do not clean filters, additional service and charges

Additional Services Needed

Additional services are required
Overnight soaking of filters - Soak tanks needed
Too much labor or time cleaning filters - Filter exchange needed

Fire Safety

A Limited Fire Safe Method
Grease is the #1 fuel for fires in restaurants

Pressure washer cleaning allows continuous grease buildup
inside the filters and the entire exhaust system