New Ideas
Lead to Change

Is there a way to eliminate grease without cleaning it?

This was one of the many questions that lead to Particles, the nanotechnologies that make Hood & Filter possible.

The ability to eliminate grease without cleaning it. A question that led to a thought, which became an idea.

And this idea, 25 years in the making… changed everything.


Particle Reduction is the primary process active in Hood & Filter that enables it to deconstruct organic compounds such as grease down to the atomic level. All that is left after the process is the hydrogen, oxygen and carbon atoms that once made up the compound. These atoms easily return back into the environment.


Particle Reduction brings many benefits that are impossible outside of our nanotechnology. Just by spraying, Hood & Filter eliminates all grease inside the vent hood, all the way to the roof. It eliminates grease from filters in a way that the grease can be rinsed off in moments, when the same filter would have to be soaked overnight and scrubbed the next day.

This is Particle Reduction

A nanotechnology process, Particle Reduction eliminates grease by deconstructing the atomic and molecular structure of grease; breaking it down to the hydrogen, oxygen and carbons atoms that it was made of.

Particle Reduction changed the game. It changed everything.

The World of Particles

In this artist rendition, the grease molecule at the top of the picture is being broken down by Particles, the nanotechnologies that are in close proximity to it, just below. The debris coming from the grease molecule are the combination of atoms and other inner workings of the molecule being released through Particle Reduction.

The ability to eliminate grease in this manner… changes everything.

Simple yet complex.
Effective and extremely safe.

food safe . non-hazardous . non-toxic . non-corrosive . neutral pH . biodegradable
safe for use on any type of compound and for all types of metal

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