Solves Many of Foodservice Facilities' Toughest Problems

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MAC – The Technology Core of Paradox


Technology that Solves a Broad Range of Facility Maintenance Problems & Issues

MAC is the first facility technology services product of its kind. It solves a broad range of issues without investment into equipment or a change in operation procedures. And many of the issues it solves have no current solutions.

On any grease related issue, it is untouchable in its approach and solutions. Through its Particle Reduction process, it eliminates grease anywhere it is without ‘cleaning it’. It actually breaks the grease down to the atomic level right where it is at. This tech giant gives facilities another angle, another way to handle all grease situations with a much more sure outcome. Well beyond what has been possible before.

MAC solves all of these issues in a shockingly simple way.


Solves the Unsolvable

Completely eliminates fruit flies and gnats from any type of restaurant, bar or bakery. They cannot smell the food or drinks that normally attract them.


Solves the Predictable

Clears floor drains to the bare pipe, while keeping the grease trap cleaned and maintained – without applying anything.


Solves the Unpredictable

When urine hits the restroom floor, it will make it smell like water in less than 3 minutes. Will make mops never go bad, never smell or look dingy again.


Extremely Safe.

Paradox is food safe with a neutral pH, is non-toxic, non-hazardous. non-corrosive and fully biodegradable. Safe to use on any type of surface or material.


No Training Required

Requires no changes in your operations, no training of your personnel. You do not have to change any products you use.


No Application Required

MAC is not actually applied, but is inside the Paradox cleaning solution. As you clean, MAC affects all areas necessary to do all of its jobs.

MAC comes two ways.
As a an additive or a cleaner.

Paradox and MAC are both actually MAC. You see, MAC is the core, the technology that makes everything you’ll read about on this page work.

MAC as a Cleaner… in Paradox

If you are looking for improved cleaning over what you currently experience, you will find that in Paradox. Paradox is MAC with a phenomenal cleaning chemistry built around it to best maximize the benefits of its tech.

We would always recommend Paradox over MAC if you have that choice. Its just too good of a cleaner. But if you can’t, you will be extremely pleased with MAC.


MAC as an Additive… in MAC

MAC is a nanotechnology product designed as an additive. Its simply pure tech. It can be added to any type of cleaning solution without affecting the cleaner’s capabilities, and it will not cause any adverse reaction, no matter the type of cleaner.

Simply add one ounce to a mop bucket or trigger sprayer of cleaning solution and clean as you always do. MAC piggybacks in the water of the solution to get where it needs to be, to do everything its advertised to do.

So if your foodservice facility has a cleaning chemical solution, just add MAC.


To learn how to use these two MAC’s, see the products below.

Meet the Boys
Paradox and MAC

With MAC at its core, Paradox and MAC changes the game for the foodservice industry.

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Paradox - The Cleaner

MAC - The Additive


Fruit Fly and Gnat Control

An unprecedented approach to fruit fly and gnat control, Cloaking.
Pests cannot smell any food or drink inside the facility.

If they can’t smell food, bread, beer, wine, soft drinks, or any other type of food or drink… they leave.

Complete Elimination of Fruit Flies…
is that Possible?

The #1 pest problem in restaurants is fruit flies and gnats. It has been this way for as long as anyone can remember.

MAC (and Paradox as well of course) will eliminate it in seven days.


Every pest control company says the #1 complaint from restaurant customers is fruit flies and gnats. Why? They can kill them, but they always come right back.

The MAC approach is entirely different and extremely effective. MAC makes it so that fruit flies and gnats cannot detect or smell any food or drink substances. They believe that there is no food present for them, so they leave.

The results MAC produces shocks customers.


of slick floors

Beyond what your floor cleaner will do for you,
MAC will eliminate the remaining grease and the slickness that comes with it.
And most definitely, when cleaning with Paradox.

Doesn’t floor cleaners take care of slick floors?

Almost any restaurant you work in has a certain amount of slickness on the floors, no matter how clean the facility is.

Good cleaning chemicals take care of the lion’s share of this, but isn’t there always slickness still present?

It’s not the cleaning chemical, its the environment that the floor is in.

The quality of floor cleaners do make a difference how slick the floor is, without a doubt. But the point is, almost always there is still slickness present. Always. Why?

The floors are in a restaurant, the restaurant generates grease that is either tracked around by staff or floats through the air and deposits it onto the floor.

Through Particle Reduction, MAC eliminates grease throughout the day without the action of cleaning. This reduction process is what makes Hood & Filter able to clean the inside of a greasy vent hood without touching it.

MAC being present at the core of Paradox, the Particle Reduction process is working while you are cleaning and long afterward. Again, in the same fashion as Hood & Filter.

The difference in slickness is significant.


Intelligent Odor Control

The nanotech hides all foul odors, so that your customers can’t smell them.
Similar to how Cloaking hides the smell of food and drink from pests.
If the source is organic, it eliminates the source while hiding the smell.

All the good food and drinks smells come through untouched.

The results are rather shocking.

Odor Control?
Is that a thing?

Almost all products made for dealing with foul odors are either fragrance or deodorizer based.

MAC does not eliminate foul odors that way.

Cloaking is based upon the type of source that is causing the odor – an organic based source such as food, drink, rotted food, restroom type, etc.

When Cloaking comes in contact with the odor molecules in the air coming off of organic odors that are ‘fouled’, it makes those molecules undetectable. It doesn’t swap one fragrance or odor for another (such as a deodorizer that uses the scent of pine trees to hide old grease smells). It simply makes those types of odors undetectable by the human nose.

It is the same exact concept of how MAC hides good food and drink smells from pests such as fruit flies and gnats. Different capabilities and applications, but its the same tech that is behind it all.

Benefits and Services

Add one to two ounces (one or two pumps) to a mop bucket, or one ounce to a spray bottle of water to use as a great all-purpose cleaner or degreaser.
Clean as you always do. It’s that simple.

Fruit Flies & Gnats

Complete Elimination
of Fruit Flies & Gnats

Grease Reduction

Dramatically Reduces
Grease In All Areas

Slippery Floors

Dramatic Reduction
in Slickness of Floors

Foul Odors

Drastic Reduction
of All Types of Odors

Trap Maintenance

Greatly Minimizes
Grease Buildup

Urine Odor

Eliminates Urine Odor
3 Minutes After It Hits the Floor

Drain Maintenance

Eliminates Grease
and Foul Odors from Drains

Mop Cleaning

Mops Never Go Bad
Never Smell or Look Dingy

Where it is Designed to be Used

How technology can make such a big difference,
in so many different places.

Restaurant KitchenS

Grease Reduction, Drains, Odors
Fruit Flies & Gnats

Bars / Beer Taps

Eliminates Fruit Flies & Gnats
Drains & Foul Odors

Soft Drink Machines

Drains, Stickiness Issues
Eliminates Fruit Flies & Gnats

Coffee & Espresso

Drains & Foul Odors
Eliminates Fruit Flies & Gnats


Drains & Foul Odors
Eliminates Fruit Flies & Gnats

Milk Shakes

Drains & Foul Odors
Eliminates Fruit Flies & Gnats

Gelato & Ice Cream

Drains & Foul Odors
Eliminates Fruit Flies & Gnats

Juice & Smoothies

Drains & Foul Odors
Eliminates Fruit Flies & Gnats

How simple it is to use

Add one to two ounces (one or two pumps) to a mop bucket, or one ounce to a spray bottle of water to use as a great all-purpose cleaner or degreaser.
Clean as you always do. It’s that simple.

Most Effective Method Ever

Bare Pipe Clean

By far the most effective and simplistic way
of keeping drain lines clean to the bare pipe.

No measuring. No dispensing. No hiccups.

Cleaned and Maintained in the Simplest of Ways

Cleaned and
Maintained without

Cleans and maintains grease traps,
just from mop water flowing down drains.

Method for Cleaning
Drain Lines and
Grease Traps

Clears floor drains to the bare pipe,
when mop water goes down the drain.

Helps maintain clean grease traps at the same time.


Drains and grease traps are always an issue in foodservice facilities. Preventive maintenance approaches such as enzyme or biological products most often leave customers disappointed.

MAC eliminates all grease buildup inside the drain lines, just by mopping. At the same time, maintains a clean grease trap.

No measuring or dispensing. No pumps. No gel kits.

Simple and extremely effective.



Urine Odor Control

When urine hits the floor, it smells like water in less than 3 minutes.
Never before possible.


Single Mop
Last Six Months

Mops never go bad. Mops look and smell new for six months.
They will never smell or look dingy again. Ever.


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Eliminates Concern of Waste or Misuse