Hood & Filter Pro


  • 4 gallon case – Makes 10 gallons of product
  • Cost less than half of all other filter cleaning products
  • Free FedEx Ground shipping

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  • Quarterly Inspection Option – Not Included
  • Auto Renewal of Service (although you may cancel service at any time)
  • AutoShip refill shipments on a scheduled basis
  • FedEx Ground shipments at no charge
  • Sprayer included with initial shipment

This quarterly hood and filter cleaning service is for Chick-fil-A retail facilities.

Shipping of Product (All Shipments are FedEx Ground at No Charge)
Initial shipment sent at the payment of your initial order (application sprayer included in this first shipment). Subsequent shipments are scheduled at once per month for that quarter of service, and is auto-shipped free of charge,

If during the quarter you find you need the scheduled shipments to come at an earlier or later scheduled time, just notify us through your account’s support ticket system and we will be happy to adjust your shipment schedule.

Auto Renewal
Most hood cleaning services are scheduled on quarterly cycles. Hood & Filter is handled in that way as well. When you pay for service, you have paid for the entire 90 day period, which includes all scheduled monthly shipments as well as all technical and product support.

All subsequent quarterly services are auto-renewed, so you do not have to come back online to renew and pay again for the following quarters of service. The renewal happens every 90 days from the date of your initial service. If at any time you wish to cancel your auto-renewal, just log into your account and you will be able to discontinue service there. If you cancel your auto-renewal you will still receive scheduled shipments and support throughout the 90 day period you have already paid for. Turning off the auto-renewal stops further billing and shipping of the next quarter’s service.

All subsequent quarters will be billed to your credit card on file at the beginning of each 90 day period. There are no long term contracts. You may cancel service at any time. All paid services will continue to be auto-shipped until the end of that 90 day period.


Single Location Service
This service is for one location only. Shipments made to the customer are only for the location shipped to. Customer agrees not to use the product in any other locations, or allow the product to be used by any other foodservice facility. If customer has multiple locations, each location needs to be set up with its own billing and shipping information.

Additional information

Paid Monthly

Paid monthly

Paid Quarterly

Paid quarterly


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